About the Cloak

It started with love.

A love for one’s history, clothing, and travel.  QC is about more than numbers on a spreadsheet or billboards in Times Square. Qayrawan Caravan is about returning to our roots, our past – seeking tradition, and forgoing the complicated for simple and free. We find elegance in our threads because they are authentic, inspired by the rich culture of the Maghreb.

That is why we named our brand after the famous city, gateway to the Maghreb, al-Qayrawan in the heart of Tunisia. Our clothing has been worn for centuries by people who lived simply, with an air of freedom and identity. When you wear a QC Cloak, it is not simply cloth stitched together, but fabric hand-sewn, thread by thread. A QC Cloak is over a thousand years of civilization, memories, passions that are embedded and intertwined into each fiber.

Qayrawan Caravan is a store like no other because of its founders. Muin, Harun, and Ali: the first, an aspiring ascetic held down by the realities of life in modern America, the second, a 'consultant' with a dream to start his own business, and the third, a self-proclaimed ‘exotic heated beverage enthusiast’ (another way to say he really likes coffee and tea) from Tunisia. Together, the three hope to revive an almost lost industry in Tunisia and the Maghreb, the traditional clothing and artisan industry, and bring it back to life.

That is why you, the reader, are very important. It is you who supports our content, our vision and passion to revive history. Like our cloaks, you are thousands of years of civilization and history. Which is why we rely on you to carry on our love, a deep emotion embedded in each product we put out. Our hope is for more to realize the wonders that were left in their past, to find that love, and to discover their cloak.