Wardrobe Must-Haves: White Oxford Shirt

How to Wear a White Oxford Shirt 

A great staple addition for your wardrobe is a good-looking oxford shirt. It has clean lines and a classic look that never goes out of style. If you are looking for a sharp look that will make you look sophisticated without overdoing it, a white oxford is a great choice. The best look for an oxford shirt is white. The best part about the white Oxford shirt is its flexibility. You can mix it with any type of color, and it upgrades your look no matter what. 

We are going to share different tricks that will help you to cover every occasion by using a single white oxford shirt. After reading this you'll feel more confident about putting on your own. Here are four ways to wear one of our white oxford shirts:

1. Layer a White Oxford Shirt with a Blazer

White Oxford Shirt Modest Fashion

Our favorite color combo is a dark blue blazer & white, and it works for almost everything. If you feel daring, you can even go for a dark green blazer like the one pictured. You can find a blazer or light jacket available in our store at an affordable price. 

Wear the white oxford shirt with a matching or light jacket. You can pick up a brown blazer adding the white oxford shirt. This is a perfect wear for any wedding, party or a night out. Choose shoes that look perfect with this combo. Remember, with every outfit you need confidence and this look will enhance that. 

2. Pair your White Oxford Shirt with Jeans and a Tee

This is a basic look that does not take much effort to put together. You can pair it with a basic shirt underneath and unbutton the front. It will make you look casual but also well put together. If you want to wear a t-shirt, but are not sure about the weather you can even throw over an oxford. It's that easy! 

3. Wear an Oxford shirt with a Clean Suit 

Everybody wants to look clean and well-put-together. Choosing a formal dress on a daily basis can be a headache, but this suggestion solves that problem. Wear a single shirt along with many suits and now you've got a simple formula. White shirts are a powerful tool in your wardrobe because they work with other colors effortlessly. A white oxford shirt can work with the entire given suit. You can mix this combo for your office, business trip, and wedding. 

 4. Wear an Oxford White Shirt with a Sweater

It's always a great idea to pair your oxford shirt with a sweater. Use neutral colors with the white oxford shirt as your base color. 

Always remember, you need outfit staples in your wardrobe. Outfits staples are your go-to's when you do not know what to wear. Oxford shirts are a flexible, must-have article in everyone's closet. It's wearable during every season and can save the day when it comes to putting together an outfit that's formal or informal on the spot.