Summer Tips: How to Minimize Sweating

Looking cool and comfortable is a difficult task, especially in the summer when you have to think about what to wear and what will keep you cool in the hot weather. You should know how to choose the best summer outfits for avoiding overheating. After all, you are a person, not a pressure cooker.

How can you minimize sweating? 

How do you feel when sweat comes out of your shirt and makes marks on your shirt? Yes, we know it is one of the most embarrassing situations. You can do two things to avoid this kind of situation, first, relax. So many of us go through the day stressed and overwhelmed. Which will only make us sweat even more? Using breathing exercises, taking breaks, and meditation at different points during the day can help with lowering our stress levels.

The second way for you to minimize the inevitable effects of sweating is to choose a fabric that helps you to keep cool and can absorb sweat.

We listed some of our go-to’s in order to help you to choose the best summer fabric for your outfit:

  • Linen: It is lightweight, so it will not cling to your body and allow airflow. As a result, even with sweating, you will feel cool and look good. Check out our Linen collection in our store for great looks!
  • Rayon Fiber: it is considered one of the best fibers for men, especially in summer. Like linen, it is very soft because it is created from the cellulose extract of trees. This fabric is lightweight because it is thinner as compared to cotton, so you can try this fabric this summer. 

  • Cotton: Wearing a lighter cotton shirt or pants can definitely help with feeling cool and comfortable when the weather gets too hot.