How to know if your t-shirt actually fits

Wearing a shirt that does not fit can spoil your whole outfit and your confidence. It is a struggle sometimes to find the right fit. How long should your shirt be? Where should the shoulders line up? Below, we wrote up some tips, step by step, on how to find the right fit for you.  

Step 1: How should your arms fit? 

A solid go-to for many is a comfortable t-shirt, but finding the correct sleeve lengths are a little confusing.  If you are slim and tall, your sleeves should be at the elbow midpoint. If you are not tall, or you have smaller arms, then the sleeves should be above to the mid arms. The focus should be on your biceps.

Make sure that when you put a t-shirt on, your arms do not feel lost in the shirt. Your sleeves should complement your arm size. A person with short arms and loose sleeves will look weird. If you have thicker arms, and your shirt’s sleeves are too short or too tight, you will also look weird. Mind your sleeves!

Step 2: Torso-does it fit or not?

After your sleeves and arms, you should look at your chest and torso’s length and width. Your shirt should fit just under the belt, long enough to cover your body if you reach high but not go down to the top of your thighs. Long shirts that don’t line up with the body will you look awkward.

Step 3: How should a t-shirt fit around my shoulders?

If you want to get the perfect look, then do not forget about the shoulders. Your shirt’s shoulders should be lined up with your actual shoulders. When the shoulder is exact, your sleeves and torso feel more relaxed and comfortable. When the shoulders are right, the shirt is right.

Step 4: Neck

It is important that the shirt be worn according to your neck structure and chest shape. Make sure your t-shirt feels comfortable around your neck. If you feel stuck or unable to move your head comfortably, it means you are wearing the wrong shirt. As a rule, V-necks are only okay to wear if they are tucked underneath a buttoned-up shirt. Don't be that guy!