How do I choose the perfect Spring & Summer Color?

Every great outfit starts with the right color palette. Depending on the season, you want to select the right colors to wear. This is can be challenging because most of us have a set number of colors we like to wear. The truth is, most of us do not know what we are wearing or how to match colors. Most people believe that bright colors are for the spring & summer. The key is to dress lighter, not brighter.

Wearing light colors in the summer can help you to stay cool, and give you the look you were going for.

Still don't know what to wear, here are some colors we love: 

Dusk Blue

It's a soft shade of blue and is a great place to start when mixing with other colors into your daily attire. Dusk Blue looks great with neutrals and can be worn with almost anything.


Light Beige

It's another neutral that matches virtually anything in your closet. It's a timeless color that will always be in style. Take a look at our favorite below:


Stone Grey

It's a versatile color that can mix with any other color. Pair it with white or lighter colors for a cool springtime/summertime vibe, or go with a dark contrast color to stand out.